Below is our current menu for both lunch and dinner.

Check out the FOOD section for detailed descriptions and photos of our grilled meats, bibimbap, and soondubu, as well as an overview of our sides!

To choose your three side dishes, see what we have today on our blog!

We have an assortment of tea bags for you to choose from when you order hot tea,  including the following organic Korean teas – Green, Buckwheat, Cornsilk, and Solomon’s Seal. Plus some Tazo teas. We also have organic barley tea per request.

NOW SERVING BEER/WINE! We have Korean beer, makgeoli, soju, and fruit wines!

Download and print our take out menu!


Gluten-free: Seafood and veggie bibimbaps, all soondubu with GF side dishes*
Pescatarian: Seafood bibimbap, seafood soondubu-MUST specify veggie stock only, all sides
Vegetarian: Soy sauce tofu and veggie bibimbap, veggie soondubu, most sides
Vegan: All the above vegetarian options without egg, most veggie sides* with the exception of all types of kimchi

*Allergen info for the side dishes are posted with the daily sides.



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